GameSaga Mega Store Now Open!

The GameSaga Mega Store is now open for business! Whether it’s the latest new releases or classic retro titles, you’ll find all kinds of games in the GameSaga Mega Store. And there’s plenty of other products to choose from as well all through what many view is the #1 web retailer in the world, So head on over and check out the GameSaga Mega Store today!

Wii U Prices & Launch Dates
North America/U.S. Europe Japan
Wii U Basic Prices $299.99 £259.99 (~$419.99)
[GAME’s Price]
¥26,250 (~$338.10)
Wii U Deluxe/Premium Prices $349.99 £309.99 (~$500.76)
[GAME’s Price]
¥31,500 (~$405.72)
Wii U Launch Dates 11/18/12 11/30/12 12/8/12