Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Interview

SegaBits has an interview posted with Sumo Digital’s Executive Producer Steve Lycett and Design Director Gareth Wilson regarding Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed as part of their SonicTalk podcast. Check it out at the link below.


We’re not waiting for you “rush to the interview” people to cut through our podcast this time. We’re starting with it first!

This week, we got none other than Sumo Digital’s executive producer, Steve Lycett along with design director, Gareth Wilson! We’ll be chatting with him on all things Sonic and All Stars Racing and giving you some juicy, new details. Also, we have a die-hard Sega (and Sakura Wars) fan as a guest. You may remember seeing him cosplaying as Joe Musashi at Sonic Boom, Patrick Gardner. We’ll also be talking about the latest news of course, Sonic #240 and Sonic Unleashed as the main game topic along with a few musical breaks. Check out the show notes in the comments section.

Introductions: What we’ve been playing.

Interview with Steve Lycett and Gareth Wilson

Big the Cat commercial

Music: I’m still a believer from Sonic Free Riders


With Sonic Adventure 2 approaching, Spnic Adventure 1 and it’s DLC have been cut in half!

Sonic Adventure 2 Achievements have been leaked. Chao Raising Achievements!

The new Wreck it Ralph trailer is up and quick to spot eyes have found Sonic outside of his PDA cameo in another scene! Looks like there’s more Sonic in this movie than previously known!

A new “Where’s Waldo?” type book, “Where’s Sonic?” Will be released sometime in October. The book seems to use a bunch of CGI Sonic stock art.

Shit has gotten real! Ken Penders has managed to have diamond comic distributors stop from delivering copies of Knuckles Archives volume 3 to comic specialty stores.

Crush 40 has a live CD heading out in October. Hopefully, an iTunes version isn’t far behind.

A human parody of Sonic will appear in a console war anime series called “In the Centre of the Blue World” and is a parody anime series about the Nintendo vs. Sega console wars of the 90′s apparently.

SA2′s “Battle Mode” Comes back as DLC. Also, Big the Cat returns as background cameos in SA2.

Comic Talk – Sonic #240

Music: Media section from Sonic Unleashed

Game Talk – Sonic Unleashed

Ending music: Endless Possibilities