Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Magnagate And The Infinite Labyrinth – Details & Screenshots

Here’s some details about Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Magnagate And The Infinite Labyrinth courtesy of GoNintendo:

  • Taking pictures of any round object will let you enter the Magnagate portal
  • Each dungeon is different when you enter
  • You can encounter Lugia or Houhou in these dungeons
  • Pokemon Paradise involves cultivating the ravaged land and building various facilities
  • The town can be developed in anyway you’d like
  • Materials are necessary in order to cultivate the land
  • Complete tasks in dungeons to get these materials
  • Facilities can also rank up
  • Facilities include Nuo’s Management (Pokemon management, pick your Pokemon partner from here), Zuruggu’s Wazaggu (learn or forget Pokemon skills here), Mariruri’s Job Bulletin Board (accept jobs here, such as warranties on Pokemon or saving Pokemon), and V Roulette
  • V Roulette lets you change the daily V Wave
  • V Wave is a mysterious wind that blows in the Pokemon world
  • Different types of V Waves
  • Advantageous to adventure with the same type of Pokemon as the day’s V Wave
  • Pokemon partners have “heart waves” that you’ll acquire as you progress in a dungeon
  • Heart waves let you do special attacks with everyone
  • Attacking with everyone damages all surrounding enemy Pokemon and also recovers HP corresponding to the protagonist Pokemon’s type
  • Collect heart waves again when you use this move to use it again
  • Skills can also rank up if you use them often
  • This will increase a skill’s power, accuracy, or PP
  • Example: ranking up Lightning II to Lightning III
  • Once a skill has been ranked up, your other Pokemon can use that skill with the same ranked up effect
  • Team skills can also be found in dungeons
  • Some of these include making it more difficult to step on traps, or showing the amount of items contained in a dungeon

Screenshots after the jump.Here’s a few screenshots