Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Wii U Edition TGS Trailer

-9 weapon types
-Multiple finishing moves per weapon type
-Effects of finishing moves (which can be customized) stack
-Each character has a unique theme which plays after using a finishing move
-Send characters to other people by Street Pass or over the Internet
-Nolende Village takes 1000 hours to rebuild; increasing the population will reduce this time
-Increase the villages population via Street Pass or by using the internet
-A shop in Nolende Village lets you buy parts to customize finishing moves
-Abilities gained via abilink are less powerful and require higher cost
-“Fear” status ailment prevents Braving and Defaulting
-Some bosses have huge amounts of HP
-Dark Knight job shown, looks like FF4 Dark Knight Cecil
-Dark Knight’s skills can use up HP; you can inflict status effects on yourself to increase abilities
-Onion Knight costume shown for Tiz; obtained via FaceBook
-Planning more costumes, some to be distributed via Twitter
-46 tracks in the game, with 10 being battle tunes
-Collaboration weapon with Dengeki; a lance

You can read more translated details in the NeoGAF thread linked below.


3DS, Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, Interviews, Iwata Asks, NeoGAF, Nintendo 3DS, Portables, Satoru Iwata,Cheesemeister on the NeoGAF forums has posted a full English translation of the Nintendo Direct Wii U Prevent Event that Nintendo held in Japan on 9/13/12. Here’s the video from that:
Hello, everyone. This is Iwata from Nintendo.
Today I’d like to take about 20 minutes to announce information regarding the Wii U, including 1st-party launch titles, pricing, and the release date.
Also, detailed information on 3rd-party software will be delivered in a separate “Nintendo Direct Wii U Preview” presentation at 11 pm tonight.
Now before I talk about the pricing and release date, I’d like to reiterate what kind of a platform the Wii U is.

This is the Wii U.
The Wii U is Nintendo’s first high-definition game console.
Imagery like what you see now that couldn’t be done by the 6-year-old Wii is now possible.
Not only is the HD-standard 720p resolution supported, but also “Full HD” 1080p.
On top of the increased resolution, the graphics processor can be used to handle various tasks aside from just graphics.
This usage is called “GPGPU.” [Translator’s note: GPGPU stands for General-Purpose computing on Graphics Processing Units.]


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Official Nintendo Magazine recently interviewed ZombiU Creative Director Jean-Phillipe Caro and he had this to say about the Wii U and ZombiU:

“We never wanted to reinvent any genre but the fact that is when we decided to change from Killer Freaks to ZombiU we had to rethink what we were going to do. What we have done is talk about old games, old movies, comics – what we like in life about zombies. You have a galaxy of zombie games, movies, comics – the genre is almost dead. People are saying always: the zombie genre is dead. We are not reinventing, we are recycling. What we wanted to do is not a revolution of the survival horror game but what we like is the survival aspect while the horror is part of the zombie thing. I think we are making something fresh with the most innovative console. The Wii U is the most innovate system for the moment on Earth. We didn’t have to make a big innovation on our side – it was all here on the system so that was easier for us.” – ZombiU Creative Director Jean-Phillipe Caro


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01./00. [PS3] Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (Bandai Namco Games) {2012.09.13} (¥7.980) – 62.630 / NEW
02./00. [3DS] Medarot 7: Kabuto / Kuwagata (Rocket Company) {2012.09.13} (¥6.090) – 49.519 / NEW
03./01. [3DS] New Super Mario Bros. 2 (Nintendo) {2012.07.28} (¥4.800) – 36.245 / 1.113.157 (-9%)
04./00. [3DS] Art Academy: Lessons for Everyone (Nintendo) {2012.09.13} (¥3.800) – 35.910 / NEW
05./00. [3DS] Samurai Warriors: Chronicles 2nd (Koei Tecmo) {2012.09.13} (¥6.090) – 33.933 / NEW
06./04. [NDS] Pokemon Black 2 / White 2 (Pokemon Co.) {2012.06.23} (¥4.800) – 18.266 / 2.747.458 (-15%)
07./00. [PS3] Accel World: Ginyoku no Kakusei # (Bandai Namco Games) {2012.09.13} (¥7.330) – 17.677 / NEW
08./00. [PSP] Accel World: Ginyoku no Kakusei # (Bandai Namco Games) {2012.09.13} (¥6.280) – 15.228 / NEW
09./08. [3DS] Tousouchuu: Shijou Saikyou no Hunter-Tachi Kara Nigekire! (Bandai Namco Games) {2012.07.05} (¥5.040) – 13.925 / 136.924 (+7%)
10./10. [WII] Dragon Quest X: Mezameshi Itsutsu no Shuzoku Online # (Square Enix) {2012.08.02} (¥6.980) – 9.780 / 548.326 (-17%)


System | This Week | Last Week | Last Year | YTD | Last YTD | LTD |
| 3DS # | 60.903 | 64.159 | 58.837 | 3.120.009 | 1.835.442 | 7.402.152 |
| PS3 | 13.903 | 11.813 | 36.061 | 791.894 | 953.361 | 8.428.279 |
| PSV | 10.858 | 14.106 | | 530.412 | | 970.398 |
| PSP # | 9.069 | 9.065 | 25.129 | 566.758 | 1.476.705 | 19.296.142 |
| WII | 6.019 | 6.958 | 15.406 | 391.630 | 494.331 | 12.554.851 |
| PS2 | 1.120 | 1.078 | 1.317 | 43.272 | 57.271 | 21.817.379 |
| NDS # | 1.073 | 1.269 | 5.181 | 60.310 | 580.816 | 32.868.796 |
| 360 | 739 | 815 | 1.295 | 49.251 | 80.859 | 1.585.296 |


image image


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  • Girls Mode (Retail, 4.800 Yen)
  • Denpa Ningen 2 (eShop, 1.000 Yen)
  • Mighty Bomb Jack (Famicom VC, 500 Yen)
  • Rockman/Mega Man 3 (Famicom VC, 500 Yen)
  • G-Loc Air Battle (Game Gear VC, 300 Yen)


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Namco Bandai Games’ crossover 3DS game, Project X Zone has had another character revealed. The latest issue of Famitsu has revealed that Iris, from Mega Man X4 will be involved in the storyline as an event character. Mega Man X seems to recognize her as “the girl from that Repliforce incident,” which would seemingly indicate Mega Man X4 will be part of PXZ’s history. Iris will be voiced in the Japanese version of the game by Yuko Mizutani in the game, just like she was in Rockman X4. Here’s a scan from Famitsu:image


3DS, Capcom, Famitsu, Japan, Magazine Scans, Magazines, Mega Man, Mega Man X, Mega Man X4, Namco Bandai, News, Nintendo 3DS, Portables, Project X Zone, Sega,B Dash News has posted more information from Famitsu, this time about Shin Megami Tensei IV, which is coming to the 3DS sometime in 2013. Here’s a look at some of the details:

  • Characters revealed so far include Isabeau, Jonathan, Walter, & Navarre.
  • The main character is unnamed.
  • Story is in setting similar to something post apocalyptic.

For more info including a partial credits list for the game, check out the link below.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Consoles, GameXplain, Previews, Rayman Legends, Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Wii U Edition, Trine 2: Director’s Cut, Videos, Wii U,SegaBits has an interview posted with Sumo Digital’s Executive Producer Steve Lycett and Design Director Gareth Wilson regarding Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed as part of their SonicTalk podcast. Check it out at the link below.


3DS, Consoles, Interviews, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo 3DS, PC, PlayStation, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, PS3, PSV, SegaBits, Sonic And All-Stars Racing Transformed, Vita, Wii U, Windows, Windows PC, Xbox, Xbox 360,Two Tribes recently posted an update via their Twitter account for Toki Tori 2. Here’s what they had to say:

“Toki Tori 2 sprint progress report! Dynamic background blur get! City environment almost done. Porcupine perfect! Dynamic background blur is pretty cool to fool around with. It’s old hat for most developers, but we’re still happy with it 🙂 We hope to be able to get a bit of a diorama effect going with the blur. Like this: . As for the porcupine, @MeintevdS finally got it right. He tried four times to nail it and succeeded in the end. We had faith all along 😉 We’ll get you a snapshot of the new design tomorrow. It looks kinda like a porcusaur now. To be honest, it’s kinda weird…”


Consoles, Toki Tori 2, Two Tribes, Wii U,B Dash has a preview of the new Famitsu issue with various news tidbits from it posted. Here’s some of the info mentioned:

  • Quantic Dream (of Heavy Rain fame) have announced a new project for PS3 called Beyond: Two Souls, scheduled currently for a 2013 release.
  • There will be a 3DS game based on the Cardfight! Vanguard card game called Cardfight! Vanguard: Ride To Victory and is currently scheduled for a 2013 release.
  • The 3DS RPG Fantasy Life, from Brownie Brown and Level-5 will release (in Japan) on 12/27/12. Customers who pre-order the game will receive a mini soundtrack featuring the work of the awesome composer Nobuo Uematsu (composer of many Final Fantasy & other Square Enix songs).

For more info from this issue of Famitsu, check out the link below.


3DS, B Dash News, Consoles, Famitsu, Japan, News, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation, PlayStation 3, Portables, PS3,GoNintendo’s RawmeatCowboy has posted a short funny video regarding Pokemon Black Version 2 and Pokemon White Version 2. Check it out:
Source: GoNintendo, Pokemon, Pokemon Black Version 2, Pokemon White Version 2, RawmeatCowboy, Videos,VG24/7 has posted an article with their impressions of the Wii U and several different games for the system. They covered New Super Mario Bros. U, Assassin’s Creed III, Nintendo Land, & Rayman Legends, among others. Check out the impressions at the link below.


Assassin’s Creed III, Consoles, Impressions, New Super Mario Bros. U, Nintendo Land, Rayman Legends, VG24/7, Wii U,In a follow-up to the recent rumor regarding why Amazon was not selling Wii U directly, it looks like they are now selling the 3DS XL directly. As we know Amazon does not sell the original model of the 3DS directly because of their rumored dispute with Nintendo. Maybe they have patched things up now?


3DS XL, Amazon, Joystiq, Nintendo 3DS XL, Portables, Retailers,Nintendo World Report has an interview posted with 5TH Cell Producer Brittany Aubert about Scribblenauts Unlimited. Here’s part of the interview:

Nintendo World Report (NWR): What sets these Nintendo versions apart from the phone/tablet version that will cost much less?

Brittany Aubert (BA): Scribblenauts Unlimited is an entirely new experience. We run on much more powerful hardware, so we’re able to do things like have beautiful hand-drawn HD levels and a crazy number of objects in a level at any time. We also have the precision of the stylus (on the Wii U and 3DS) and lots of buttons to allow the player to interact with the world in the way they feel the most comfortable.

NWR: Does Maxwell control any differently than in past games?

BA: We built off the Super Scribblenauts controls when starting to work on Unlimited. In Super Scribblenauts, the player had the option of switch between d-pad controls and stylus based controls. The 3DS and the WiiU have significantly more buttons than the DS did, so we’re able to provide both movement types without the need to go into a menu and switch.

Check out the link below for the rest of the interview.

5th Cell, Consoles, Interviews, Nintendo World Report, Scribblenauts, Scribblenauts Unlimited, Wii U,Monolith Soft posted the following on their Twitter account recently. This was translated by Google: