Rumor – Next Xbox To Be Named Xbox Infinity?

According to a user on Reddit, the Next Xbox from Microsoft will be called Xbox Infinity (as seen in the image above). The International Business Times is reporting that their sources have confirmed this saying:

“Sources related to development of the new Xbox have confirmed to IBTimes UK that the console, which is scheduled to be launched on 21 May, will be called Infinity.”

I’m not sure I buy into this personally. There’s a mistake right there in that quote. I’m pretty confident Microsoft is not releasing the system on May 21st. It’s hold a reveal event where they will presumably name the system, show it off, talk about/possibly show some games, and maybe show the controller and give a release date and price. But launching? Doubtful. There’s been no advertising outside of game sites like ours reporting the rumored information that’s circulated through the Internet. On top of that, you can’t pre-order one anywhere either, so how it could be launching? Perhaps it was simply a typo or oversight, but they should’ve caught that if so. We don’t have much longer to wait. It’s just 1 week away from this coming Tuesday. We’ll have be live blogging the event here on the site and will provide live stream links as well. It’s scheduled to start around 10:00 AM Pacific/1:00 PM Eastern.