Top Storitorial – Wolfenstein: The New Order Announcement

We’re beginning a new feature here on the site today. It’s called the Top Storitorial (yes that’s a made up word). Basically the idea is I will look at the top story for the day and give my opinions on it. It will hopefully be a daily feature whenever possible, but if there are really slow news days, it might not be. Anyways today’s is obviously about the announcement of a new Wolfenstein game, Wolfenstein: The New Order.

I’ve played and enjoyed just about every main entry in the Wolfenstein series since Wolfenstein 3D. So I was pleasantly surprised to learn today that a new game was in the works. Return to Castle Wolfenstein is my favorite in the series, though Wolfenstein (2009) is a close second. Let’s face it, blasting Nazi’s in the face is just plain fun. Add in some supernatural elements and you’ve got a recipe for a fun first person shooter. Now not every first person shooter is a great game, far from it, but Gray Matter Interactive and id Software did a bang up job with RTCW. I thought Raven Software and id did a good job with Wolfenstein as well. Though as we all know now the game did have some framerate issues when using the Veil power, which was annoying.

It looks like Wolfenstein: The New Order is going to add in some more futuristic elements to the series. In the trailer we see BJ facing off against some robot soldiers which no doubt are inspired by the Übersoldaten from RTCW which in of itself is creative license taken from rumors of actual Nazi experiments during World War II. This should be interesting and most likely lead to more advanced weaponry that the player can wield.

All-in-all, it sounds like it has great potential. I’m not entirely sure about MachineGames being the developers though. A large portion of them were part of Starbreeze Studios, who developed the two Chronicles of Riddick games as well as The Darkness. I haven’t played any of those games, so I’m not that familiar with MachineGames/Starbreeze’s work. Though the games all got good to great reviews, so I’m hopeful for Wolfenstein: The New Order.

The game is supposed to be released by the end of the year, so be sure to add it to your holiday shopping list if you celebrate and if not, just pick it up when it comes out anyways. I’ll be getting it for sure unless it completely tanks (hopefully a demo will be released prior to the release date of the full game).