Site Update – June 16th, 2013

You may have noticed the site was fairly quiet this weekend. Well yesterday I had real life stuff I had to do and today of course is Father’s Day so I spent most of it doing family stuff. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there by the way.

As I haven’t gotten to play very many games lately, I am thinking I will start doing a lighter schedule on the weekends to make time for me to actually play some of the games we cover. As I’ve mentioned before I have a huge backlog of games to get through.

I will still be updating during the day on weekdays whenever possible and of course in the evenings as well. I’ll probably do half days or 2/3rds days on the weekends.

Also a show note for the podcast. This week’s episode will be recorded tomorrow, Monday June 17th, 2013 due to the holiday.