Hyrule Warriors

WiiU HyruleWarriors logo E3 300x179 Hyrule Warriors (WU) More Details From Famitsu

Game Jouhou has provided more info about Hyrule Warriors that was included in the latest issue of Famitsu. Siliconera has posted the translated details about the upcoming Wii U crossover between Dynasty Warriors & The Legend of Zelda.

The character named Lana will be a character created specifically for Hyrule Warriors and her full name is Lana the White Witch. She will battle enemies using a book with magical abilities like creating walls. The walls will be destructible as well, which will damage nearby foes.

The Hookshot, a popular series staple item, is confirmed for the game according to Famitsu. Like in other Zelda games, it will be used to allow players to reach otherwise inaccessible areas. Another item (of sorts) confirmed was the doomsday moon from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. Siliconera says that this is an attack from an item, though what that item is remains to be seen.

A final brief detail was mentioned about Agitha, another new character recently revealed. Her attacks will feature her using a parasol as her weapon and will also feature the ability to summon insects for damaging foes.