Afternoon LOL Video Game Tips– Annoying Mario Kart 8 Items

Man there’s a couple of really annoying items in Mario Kart 8 right there, but for different reasons. The Blooper item sucks because it is essentially useless. It’s supposed to make it harder for your opponents to see, but most of the time it doesn’t really help you that much. Meanwhile, the Blue Shell is infamous in the Mario Kart series as the destroyer of hopes and dreams for many a would-be karter. You’re cruising along in first place the whole race and then blam, right on the final lap near the end someone uses a Blue Shell and it knocks you out of first! Talk about frustrating and annoying! Fortunately Nintendo added the Super Horn into Mario Kart 8, but that item is fairly rare, so chances are you won’t have one when you need it.

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