Aksys Games

Aksys Games has announced that they will be bringing the PlayStation 3 & PlayStation Vita fighting game, Arcana Heart 3: Love Max!!!!! to North America this coming Fall. The game will feature an all female roster with a total of 23 playable characters. There will be a ranking system in place for online matches to help ensure players are facing those with similar skill levels. Arcana Heart 3: Love Max!!!!! will also feature a spectator mode. The game will also have story content in the form of “hidden scenarios.” Players will also be able to customize their fighters somewhat by choosing from 19 different color schemes. One of the main features in Arcana Heart 3: Love Max!!!!! is the ability to combine your character with an arcana, which are celestial beings. There’s 529 different combinations between the characters and the arcana. These will allow you to change different things about your character such as their recharge rate, power, defense, and so forth. Fighters get a special move called Extended Force which provides a speed boost to the character and allows them to perform combos more easily.

There will also be other modes in Arcana Heart 3: Love Max!!!!! Time-attack is one such mode. Where you have to progress through 10 fights as quickly as possible. There’s also a special gold enemy at the end of this mode. Another mode is called trial mode where you have again play through 10 fights but this is not about doing so in a timely fashion, but rather it is about completing mission objects, with 90 different ones available. Arcana Heart 3: Love Max!!!!! also features a gallery mode where players can check out images & animations from the game. You’ll also be able to save replays, view them, and send & receive them to/from other players. Arcana Heart 3: Love Max!!!!! will also feature the option of having Japanese voices with English text.