PlayStation Vita Pets: Puppy Parlour (AND & IOS) – Logo, Screenshot, & Details

Sony & XDev have announced the release of PlayStation Vita Pets: Puppy Parlour, a demo of sorts for the upcoming virtual pet game, PlayStation Vita Pets. It’s an app for Android & iOS and you’ll be in charge of running a parlour for your pets. Every day a new dog will arrive and you’ll have to take care of them in various ways. Activities include feeding, game playing, walking, and more. Snack Balance is one game you can play with your dog. In this game you have to help your dog balance a treat on its nose through the use of the tilt sensor function of your device. Another game is called Dream Chase. This game has you racing around collect golden bones. You’ll earn points you can put towards new items or clothes as well as making improvements to your parlour. With the mobile game, you’ll also be able to unlock costumes to transfer into the full game on Vita when that is released in June. The Android version is already available and XDev says the iOS version should arrive next week.