Talisman: Digital Edition Review


As we mentioned back in December in our Talisman Prologue review, we had the opportunity to review the multiplayer/updated version called Talisman: Digital Edition as well. As expected, the game shares a lot of similarities with Talisman Prologue, but unlike Prologue, Digital Edition supports multiplayer. You can have multiple AI opponents as well. TDE also has Steam achievements, a leveling system for your player character, and something called runestones which can provide benefits to your character and are gained …

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Armchair Game Studio – A Game Well Deserving Of A Remake Or Sequel

If you’ve followed the video game industry for more than a year or two you probably know that certain things always happen. These things would be that developers & publishers will usually release remakes of and sequels to existing games which proved popular in terms of overall sales. But what if you could have your choice of which games got a remake or sequel? In our first ever edition of Armchair Game Studio, I’m going to talk about a game …

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Deals & Sales – Infamous: Second Son – Collector’s Edition Is £5.00 Off At GAME

The Collector’s Edition for Sucker Punch Productions’ upcoming PS4 game Infamous: Second Son is £5.00 off this weekend only at GAME. Enter the code BEANIE at checkout to receive your discount. The Collector’s Edition comes with the game, a game case in the form of a jacket like the one Delsin wears, a collectible coin, a bottle opener, badges, a replica beanie hat, the Cole’s Legacy DLC, & the Legendary Vest DLC. Infamous: Second Son is scheduled to be released …

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Nintendo Network & eShop Currently Down

If you just got a Wii U or 3DS for Christmas and want to get online with it, you might be like thousands and thousands of other people, as the Nintendo Network is currently down from overwhelming demand. Part of this has seemingly been attributed to Pokémon Bank’s release as well and the service has been temporarily removed from the eShop due to the issues surrounding the connectivity problems. No word on when the services will be up and running …

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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (PS3 & PC) – Patch 2.1: A Realm Awoken Press Release & Patch Notes

LOS ANGELES (Dec. 17, 2013) –Square Enix, Inc. today announced the new Patch 2.1 update for FINAL FANTASY® XIV: A
Realm Reborn 
is now available for players.

Dubbed A REALM AWOKEN the Patch 2.1 update offers exciting new gameplay content, including:

· The Crystal Tower: Reaching to the heavens, this massive monolith, long thought to be a legend from eras past, has been unearthed in the wake of the Calamity. What could be the purpose of this crystalline …

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