Destiny (Multi) – Ghost Edition & Limited Edition Images, Details, & Unboxing Video


Following up on the beta announcement, Activison & Bungie also revealed details about the collector’s editions Destiny will be receiving. It will come in 3 different varieties, the Ghost Edition, Limited Edition, and the Digital Guardian Edition. The Ghost Edition & Limited Edition both come with the following:

  • The game
  • SteelBook Case
  • Early access to Vanguard weapons & gear
  • An exclusive Vanguard player emblem
  • The Guardian Folio which itself contains:
    • Field Guide covering arms & armaments
    • Golden Age postcards
    • An antique star chart
  • The Collector’s Edition Digital Content Pack which comes with:
    • A special Ghost casing
    • Another exclusive player emblem
    • An exclusive player ship style
  • The Destiny Expansion Pass which includes:
    • Expansion I: The Dark Below – Explore beneath the Moon’s surface and face off with an evil enemy and his army from Hellmouth
    • Expansion II: House of Wolves – Details TBA
    • Limited time exclusive content for PS4 & PS3 for both expansions

The Ghost Edition also includes the following:

  • A Ghost replica voiced by the Ghost’s actual in-game voice actor, Peter Dinklage
  • Intro letter
  • Relics from the Golden Age – Photo, Sticker, Patch, and 2 Traveler slides

The third and final edition announced (thus far), the Digital Guardian Edition comes with a digital download of the game, the Expansion Pass, and the Collector’s Edition Digital Content Pack.

Each of these items will be priced as follows:

  • Ghost Edition: $149.99/£149.99
  • Limited Edition: $99.99/£94.99
  • Destiny Digital Guardian Edition: $89.99/£84.99

Additionally, the Expansion Pass will be sold separately for $34.99/£34.99. Its expansions, I & II, will be sold individually as well and will be priced at $19.99/£19.99 respectively.