Destiny’s PlayStation Exclusive Content Details


Bungie has released details about the PlayStation exclusive content coming to Destiny, the hotly anticipated Action RPG/First-Person Shooter scheduled to be releasing on September 9th. Once the game releases, those who own the PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 version will get access to a co-op Strike, a competitive multiplayer map, and various weapons, gear, and ships. The Strike is called the Dust Palace Strike and it’s for three players. You can play this with your friends or be matched up with others. In this Strike, players will be pursuing a Cabal team through the Dust Palace (the namesake for this particular Strike), which is located on Mars. Along the way you will encounter a new enemy called Psion Flayers.

For the multiplayer map, it will be middle range map in terms of size and is part of the Crucible mode (Destiny’s competitive multiplaye) . The map is called Exodus Blue which was a ship formerly used by humans to reach non-Earth planets. You can play Control or Skirmish on this map.

There will be two weapons for PlayStation players. One is called the Monte Carlo and the other is called the Hawkmoon. The former is an assault rifle and it can be upgraded to make it more effective at firing from the hip as well as reducing the melee cool down. The latter is a hand cannon and gets its name from the feathers etched into the barrel. It will have damage boost upgrades available.

The three playable classes that have been announced thus far will all receive an armor set tailored for that particular class. Warlocks get the Manifold Seeker which helps them survive in Vex worlds. Titans get Vanir, which is designed to withstand attacks from the Cabal. Hunters will receive Argus, which is all-weather type of armor designed to help them scout terrain.

There’s also three ships as part of the exclusive content, Aurora Wake, Crypt Hammer, and Outrageous Fortune. The Aurora Wake was built by Warlocks and its hull has been lined with implements of the arcane. Crypt Hammer is a
“deep-strike insertion” ship and it was originally built to transport Guardians through hostile areas of space and it has hardpoints which used to hold Suros TL-SEAD anti-radiation missiles. Finally, the Outrageous Fortune is an exploring vessel which serves the purposes of those who would risk everything in search of secrets & power.