Doki-Doki Universe (PS3, PS4, & PSV) – Release Date Update & Screenshots

HumaNature Studios announced today on PlayStation Blog that Doki-Doki Universe will be releasing next Tuesday, December 10th for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita. The full game will be purchasable for $14.99, and will come with the story mode, 31 personality quizzes, and a messaging system called Doki-Doki Mail. You can also download a free version which is called the Starter Pack. This will include 16 personality quizzes, the Doki-Doki Mail system, QT3’s home planet, and planet which serves as a tutorial. Cross Buy is supported in Doki-Doki Universe, so if you get the game on one PlayStation system, you won’t need to pay anything extra to get it on another PlayStation system.