NHL 15 -Game Saga Review


We recently had the opportunity to review NHL 15 from Electronic Arts. As a continuation of the NHL series, NHL 15 adds some new features and gameplay modes. There is also what seems to be a  redesign of user control that makes the game more challenging. They did this in 2014 as well so its hard to keep track of what the game was originally like. Want to know more? Read on for our full review.

Graphics – 8/10 – Graphics are good and continue to get better. The game looks and plays great on my PS4

Sound/Music – 9/10 – The NHL series has won many awards for their music and soundtracks. NHL 15 falls right in line with great sound effects, awesome game commenting and great music soundtracks between games.

Gameplay – 8/10 – I have played each one of the series since I remember them first coming out in 1993. Progressively gameplay has gotten better each year however there have been a few years where EA made major changes and I didn’t feel it was for the best. NHL 15 is one of those as they introduced new physics into the gameplay. I find the game lacking in control and found it much easier to play in NHL 13. But hey, that’s just me.

Story – 10/10 – What can I say, win the game. Okay online modes offer multiplayer matches in 1 v 1 and even team play. If you are playing by yourself offline then you can enjoy season mode, and GM mode. Many game modes to choose from beyond the basic run for the cup!

Challenge – 8/10 – So it’s kinda hard to rate the challenge factor of this game but here goes. Challenge is generally good except I have noticed the cheese factor can come into play and it seems to happen more often than it should. I mean things like outshooting your opponent 40-10 and still losing 3-0.

Replay Value & Fun Factor – 9/10 – Overall a great game and super fun. I get so much replay value from these games that I have to give it a full rating. When I am not dancing around after beating some dude down online, I’m screaming and punching walls at a recent loss. I mean highs and lows lol