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We posted a lot of impressions & previews, some videos, and some screenshots from Ubisoft’s upcoming action-adventure/stealth title, Watch_Dogs today. In today’s Top Storitorial I’m going to discuss my impressions of the game from what I’ve seen/read from these outlets.

The game looks pretty awesome in general to me. The hacking aspect is something that hasn’t been done a whole lot in games to my knowledge, or at least not to this extent. Sure a lot of FPSes have things where you can hack open doors or take over a security camera, but Watch_Dogs is shaping up to allow you to hack an entire city’s infrastructure and its citizens. It’s an interesting take on Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto formula of open-world action-adventure do-anything type of game. I think Ubisoft has the potential for a real hit with this game if the actual gameplay can live up to the hype and videos.

In the GameTrailers video they showed a scene where protagonist Aiden Pierce escaped from a chase by going into a parking garage and there were a dozen or so different cars he could choose from to switch to. At first I was thinking it was just like the Pay-n-Spray from the GTA series, but then as the video progressed I saw that it was a full parking garage, not just a chop shop type of place like in the GTA games. This is a subtle touch and makes more logical sense from a real world perspective. Think about it. In a GTA game you go into a Pay-n-Spray and come out in the same car with a different paint job. You’d think the cops in the game would know where the Pay-n-Sprays are located and thus would automatically check for vehicles coming out of them especially if they were chasing a suspect. It’s not a horrible mechanic from a gameplay perspective, no, just isn’t as realistic as it could be. Now granted I haven’t played Watch_Dogs, but in the GT video, it appeared you could simply switch to a completely different vehicle which is something criminals do in the real world, so that is interesting.

I also liked the way you can distract guards by hacking various things. In one scene Pierce hacks a forklift to raise some pallets or something like that (was hard to tell from the distance in the video). In another he hacks an electric gate and opens it when he’s already inside the compound. These things are not unlike the use of flashbangs or smoke bombs or the like in various other games. It’s not something unheard of, distraction mechanics exist in lots of of games, but it’s still cool nonetheless, in my opinion. I wonder if you can drive smaller vehicles like the forklift around via hacking? That would be interesting. You could theoretically use it to pin a bad guy against a wall so they couldn’t do anything other than scream for help. But then again perhaps you could speed it up and impale the bad guy with the forks of the forklift.

Watch_Dogs is due out on November 19th in North America, November 22nd in Europe, and November 21st in Australia. What do you guys think of the game? Will you be picking it up? Which version if so? Why not if you’re not going to? Let us know in the comments.

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