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The War Games map for the Titanfall Expedition DLC is based around the idea of a training simulator. As such, there will be parts of the map that show “glitches” which indicate that this is a training simulator. The IMC will have an Airbase-style starting area. This will have a garage for you to repair tanks and working Marvins. The tower at the middle of the map is based off of Rise. This part of the map is able to be captured by Titans. Doing so requires fighting in narrow corridors. This part of the map can also be used as a shortcut. For the Militia, their base will feature a night version of Angel City-inspired design. Buildings will be spaced out and you will be engaging in a lot of window fighting & rooftop fights. The hardpoint here is only accessible for Pilots & AI. The War Games map will also have colored wallrunning panels to help players navigate around.