Guess The System, Game, or Character Week 3

It’s Sunday and that means it’s time for Guess The System, Game, or Character! Each week we’ll post a different video game system, game, or character and shroud it in darkness. Your job is to guess which system, game, or character it is. Systems & characters will just show a silhouette. Games will show a silhouette and also provide a few details about the game (as game boxes/carts/discs look too similar to use just a silhouette). We also will periodically post leaderboards with this feature so you can track your score & progress and compete with other readers. Scoring will be as follows:

  • First Correct Guess: 10 Points
  • Other Correct Guesses: 1 Point
  • Incorrect Guess: 0 Points

Scoring will run for the entire week and end at 12:00 AM Eastern each Sunday. You can make your guesses by posting a comment on each week’s post, posting on our Facebook or Twitter pages, or e-mail them to us. With that in mind here is this week’s Guess The System, Game, or Character:


  • Originally released in the 1990s
  • Was released on a different company’s hardware years later
  • Stars a non-human character

Source: Wikipedia & GameSaga Original

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