Subnautica – Pre Alpha Screenshots, Concept Art, & Details

Unknown Worlds has officially announced Subnautica, an underwater/open world adventure game, at PAX East. The screenshots shown are from a pre-alpha version of the game and according to Unknown Worlds, they are not necessarily representative of what the final game will be. In Subnautica, marine line will react to your character’s presence. Some creatures will be fearful of you, others will be curious and investigate you. Creatures in the game so far include fish, rays, and something the team calls Stalkers, which are a more monstrous-looking fish of sorts. You’ll be able to explore underwater caves and catch fish as well. In shallow water areas, sunlight will affect you.

Players will eventually acquire an item called the Sea Glide, which is a device called a “Personal Water Vehicle.” This makes you swim faster and can help with running away from dangerous creatures like Stalkers. Subnautica will also feature submarines. The one shown is called a Cyclops. Players will be able to explore inside the Cyclops and can even take control of it for their own use as a vehicle as it is faster and will protect you more from the dangers of the deep.