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We recently had the opportunity to review So Many Me from Extend Interactive & Origo Games. It’s a cute, charming puzzle-platformer that will lure you in with thoughts of fun-filled adventures and then make you beg for mercy with its challenging puzzles. Want to know more? Read on for our full review.

Graphics – 7.5/10So Many Me may not blow you away with graphical prowess, but what is there is well done and is well-suited to the nature of the game. The game is meant to be a fun whimsical romp through the land of Xio and the art style definitely helps set the mood for this theme. Characters and enemies are easily distinguishable and your Me’s convey a lot of personality despite being little slime-like creatures. So Many Me feels like a children’s storybook or younger audience comic book come to life and if you’re just playing the game without trying to progress, the setting will surely put a smile on your face.

Sound/Music – 9/10 – Music in So Many Me is very well done. I came away quite impressed with it and like the graphics, it is also well-suited to the game’s theme. It’s very pleasing to listen to and would make good background noise to do just about anything while listening. I’m not sure if a soundtrack is available or not, but even without one, you can still just load up the game and sit there with it running and listening to the cheery tunes. Sound meanwhile is not as impressive in my opinion, though it is by no means bad, it’s just okay. I did like the “voices” of the Me’s though and thought that this added to their charm.

Gameplay – 8/10 – Games like this are designed to have gameplay be the bread and butter and this is certainly the case with So Many Me. The game is a puzzle-platformer as I mentioned above. As such, there are numerous puzzles throughout each level for you to solve. Some are optional, though there are others that required in order to complete a level. Optional ones generally lead you to areas where you can collect the various artifacts that are strewn about the levels. There are gold rings for example which you can exchange in one of the hub worlds of the game to an NPC who will give you various abilities in return. Some of the platforming segments in the game require nearly precision inputs and thus can be challenging if you’re not used to this type of game. Fortunately, the developers at Extend Interactive were kind enough to give players infinite lives so you can keep on trying. So Many Me also features transformations where you can change your Me’s into larger characters with different abilities. One of the first ones you gain access to is a dinosaur looking one who is heavier and thus can break through blocks by falling from great heights. He can also whip enemies and other blocks with his tail. Fortunately, you can switch back and forth from this form to your group of Me’s whenever you want and some levels even require you to do this in order to progress. It’s a fun mechanic and one I enjoy in platforming games.

Story – 5/10 – The story in So Many Me doesn’t seem to be that apparent or obvious. Though being a puzzle-platformer, that is to be expected. The game even makes fun of the tropes of platformers where the hero is tasked with a quest to save the world and the NPC you meet seems frustrated that the Me’s didn’t let him finish explaining the game’s story/objective. I thought that was pretty fun and a nice touch for those of us who have played dozens of platformers before. Basically your objective is to guide Filo and your group of Me’s through their adventure in the land of Xio.

Challenge – 8/10 – Now challenge, that is another area where So Many Me truly shines. If you’re looking for a difficult game, you should check out So Many Me. It starts off simple enough and you’ll probably think, oh this isn’t so bad. Well just wait until you get to later levels. You’ll have to use enemies to bounce across dozens of spike covered platforms, quickly switch back and forth from block form to your Me form and still dodge enemies at the same time. As I mentioned above, certain sections of the game require the utmost precision and if you make even the slightest error, there’s no recovery from it and you will die. But like I said, you have infinite lives, so it’s not as bad as it could be in that regard.

Replay Value & Fun Factor – 7/10 – So Many Me features support for Steam Achievements and there’s 30 total to unlock in the game. There’s also tons of different costumes you can unlock as well to change the appearance of your Me’s. As I mentioned earlier, you also will be able to unlock different abilities to help you progress through the game, which is a trait not usually seen in games like this. If you can get past the challenging parts, there’s a lot of fun to be had in So Many Me. And you’ll want to keep trying just to see what is thrown at you next and to find more of your Me buddies.

Overall (Average) – 7.4/10

Overall (Non-Average) – 8/10 – I bumped up the score a little bit for So Many Me because overall I like the game. It just can be very difficult at times and this might make you want to throw your controller across the room, but if you persevere, there’s a lot to like in the game. Plus I really enjoyed the art style and the music for So Many Me as I mentioned above

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