Year Walk Added To Steam

Simogo is proud to announce that the reworked version of critically acclaimed folklore-horror game Year Walk is now available on PC and Mac via Steam.

To celebrate the launch Jonathan Eng reprises his role as Simogo Troubadour Extraordinaire and has composed a Year Walk inspired ballad called ”Myling Lullaby”. You can listen to the song right now on, and the track will be made available for other music stores soon.

Year Walk on Steam:

”Myling Lullaby” by Jonathan Eng on Loudr:

About Simogo
Simogo was founded in 2010 by Simon Flesser and Magnus ”Gordon” Gardebäck and is based in Malmö, Sweden. The studio’s latest game DEVICE 6 garnered high praise and have been nominated for four Independent Games Festival awards, two Game Developer’s Choice Awards as well as three BAFTAs. Simogo’s previous titles include the critically acclaimed and award winning games Bumpy Road and Beat Sneak Bandit.