Super Smash Bros


Welcome back to the Weekly Smash Up where we take a look back at the Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo 3DS & Wii U screenshots Masahiro Sakurai has posted on Miiverse for the past week. This week we start off with a look at Meloetta, who is a Pokémon that will be appearing in the game in some form, probably as part of the Poké Ball item. It uses vocalizations for attacking and these can bounce off land making it handy for enclosed combat. Our next screen shows us another stage, this time for the 3DS version. This stage is based on New Super Mario Bros. 2 and will feature lots of coins to collect like its namesake does. You can even change into a gold version of your character temporarily after collecting 100 coins. This will make your attacks stronger and attacks will not knock you back. We get another new challenger in the next screenshot this week. Miis were announced during E3 as playable characters. They’re officially being called Mii Fighters and will have a variety of special moves. Sakurai-san also posted about the Palutena reveal in a follow-up comment on this post and she too will be joining the roster of SSBFN3DSWU. And we’re not done with new fighters, as our next screen reveals another new one, this time a 3rd party character. That is of course Pac-Man from the classic arcade games of the same name, from Bandai Namco. His physical appearance will not be the old school style shown in the screen, but rather the more modern version with arms, hands, legs, & feet as seen in recent platforming Pac-Man games. Moving on, we see one of the new fighters we mentioned, Paluntena (from the Kid Icarus series) taking part in the Home Run Contest, a mini-game that will be part of the 3DS version. This will be similar to other entries in the series though Sakurai says that there will be increased speed if you hit the Sandbag further and the glass will harder to break. Finally, we wrap up this extended week with a character montage showing off Mario, Mega Man, Pac-Man, & Sonic The Hedgehog respectively. As far as I know, this will be the first time all 4 characters have ever appeared in the same game together as a whole.