Game Saga Website Presents: Murdered Soul Suspect

Game Saga Website had the honor to present you concept art of one of the most popular action video games online. Released in June 2014, five years ago and it is still considered one of the best action video games ever. Playing action games can be really exciting, but if you are looking for something even more thrilling with real money involved, then entering the online casino world is what you are looking for. Here on you will …

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Developers Comment On DirectX 12

Jason Mitchell, Software Developer at Valve

“A critical factor in the adoption of any new API is the size of the available market” – Windows version support info?”

Richard Matthias, Programmer at Ninja Theory

“DX12 sounds great. Hope they backport it to Win7 though otherwise you have another DX10 situation. Also hope that DX12 has a proper extension mechanism so it doesn’t get left behind OpenGL again when GPU hardware advances.”

Francois Piednoel, Principal Engineer and Performance Architect at Intel

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