Top Video Game News. Week Of July 21st – July 25th – Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo 3DS & Wii U Screenshots

A bit of a quieter week for the Weekly Smash Up for the week of July 21st – July 25th. As there wasn’t a presentation this past week. Our first screenshot this week shows us Robin (who was just revealed in the week prior) fighting against Pit. Sakurai-san tells us that the image shows Robin using an ability called Nosferatu. This is the first ever move for the Smash Bros. series that will recover damage while dealing damage to your opponent. You’ll also get a bonus to the attack’s strength when attacking with it from behind. Sakurai also says that this ability was not found in Fire Emblem Awakening but it’s possible that it might make its way to the FE series.

We move on to take a loot at the Great Fox from Star Fox: Assault (and other games in the Star Fox series). The Star Fox mobile command center has been a stage in all previous Smash Bros. games and it’s likely it will be in these entries as well, though Sakurai doesn’t directly confirm this in the post, but rather hints at it saying that fights would be taking place on top of it.

Speaking of stages, we move on to a screen showing a stage which had already been announced, Wily’s Castle from the Mega Man series. This particular screen shows it as it appears in the 3DS version. As previously announced, the Yellow Devil will be featured on this stage and is seen in this image. Sakurai also mentions that this stage and the boxing ring stage will make appearances in both versions of the game even though most stages will be different between the two versions of the game.

We continue with the stage theme in our next image as take a look at an exclusive stage for the 3DS version. This is a stage based on Tomodachi Life. If there are characters in a room, then the walls will disappear as long as someone is in the room. If no one is in a room, then the walls are put up and you cannot see in that room until someone enters. Sakurai-san mentions that the rooms will be random selections from a group of different ones.

The next screen is a follow-up to the Tomodachi Life stage post and shows us a Mii who is living in a room on the stage. The Miis that are able to appear are ones that are on your 3DS system. It’s unknown if they interact with the fighters or not, but it appears that they will just be part of the background of the stage.

Another screenshot from the 3DS version here. This is the menu screen for Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo 3DS. This is the first image of the menu and it appears to be styled in a similar fashion to to Brawl’s. We see a bunch of different options here. There’s Smash, Online, Challenge, Smash Run, StreetPass, Games & More, and curiously, a small option that is labeled Wii U. What is this? Who knows? Perhaps you can control the Wii U version with your 3DS? Perhaps the two versions can connect to each other in some other fashion? Maybe it’s for transferring data between the two versions? I guess we’ll find out what this does later this year when both versions are released.

We wrap up the week with a follow-up image showing us what the bottom screen will look like when you’re on the main menu in the 3DS version. According to Sakurai, this will show an image that corresponds to each game mode. The bottom screen will also feature touch buttons for info on how to play the particular mode and something called powers.

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